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Equipment of several Needle loom machines with new electrical control and drive technology

  • Electric control cabinet with Siemens PLC S7-300 and control desk with graphical operator panel
  • New Lenze drives (Main drive, Infeed belt drive, Infeed roller drive and Outlet drive)
  • Main drive with reduction for a high starting torque
  • New sensor for an easier adjustment of penetration depth and gap.
  • Precision control of penetration density with resonance-lockout


Delivery of a complete control system with 4 fiber blending plants, carding willow and fine opener

  • Electric control cabinet with Siemens PLC S7-300 and Lenze drive inverters
  • Control desk with PC-visualisation for easy parameter input and recipe management
  • Control of 19 drive inverters via Profibus
  • Drop-scale with load cell and pneumatic control
  • Presetting in percent of each component of the mixture with fast dosing control
  • Integrated lot-management with data recording for quality assurance


Build in of a new PLC controller and two operating stations in a nonwoven-line

  • Unit consisting of Feeder, Belt weigher, Card, Lapper, Needle loom, Winder and Plaiter
  • Several remote stations connected via Profibus
  • Visualisation with fault indication system, Recipe management, Shift management and mainenance menu
  • Vibration-wall- and belt-weigher control for permanent Card feeding
  • Lapper with entry looper and profile control


Delivery of an accumulator and surface-winder with operating system

  • with Siemens drive inverters, PLC and operator panel
  • Reclaiming with tensile force limitation for sensitive products
  • Winder with two drives for adjustable winding direction and wrap tension


Operating system for a box-handling machine with stacker

  • Linear motion axis with Stöber-Servo drives and positioning controllers
  • Controlling with PLC S7-200 and control panel


Electrical equipment of several inspecting machines

Operating system of a roll winder with adjustable wrap-tension-characteristic

Production of operating systems for warp knitting machines / raschel machines

  • Warp beam unwinder with precise thread delivery via programable servo drives
  • Presetting of parameters with touch panel
  • Rapport controlling for switching the pattern drums


Logging software and operation system for cable friction testing machines

Modernisation of a train washing plant

  • new gear motors with drive controllers
  • Control cabinets with PLC operating system and multi panel with 10'' TFT display
  • Freely programmable washing program with recipe handling
  • Washing program steps adjustable depending on product condition at any time
  • Integrated temperature control and chemical dosage


New PLC control system for open-width washing machine

  • Machine for neutralisation, washing, rinsing and finishing
  • PC visualisation for operating
  • Recipe management and databased unit management
  • Logging, recording and printing of the wash cycle
  • Integrated temperature control and chemical dosage


Build in of a  PLC operating system and visualisation in a 6-step opener

Production of a new control system for a round steel cutting line

  • Selection of ype, length and quantity via operator panel


Project planning and manufacturing of operating systems for handling units

  • Several cut- and sewing tables for textile
  • Packaging systems
  • Labelling machine for mounting cardboard labels

...and many other projects, which we have successfully completed.