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A control and drive modernization of an old well-preserved machine is almost always an inexpensive alternative to an new machine


Many maschines and systems are built to be very stable and almost indestructible due to their intended use. For reasons of costs, older system are not replaced by new ones and the old technology continues to be used.

Since higher production and better quality is required, we offer many possibilities to renovate older systems. As a result, the performance and quality of an already existing system can be increased cost-effectively, when it's compared to a complete new machine.

Possible redevelopment areas are the renewal of the electrical controls, motors and the use of PC technology. Furhermore, an additional component can also be incorporated into an existing system. e.g. a libra for quality assurance, wich constantly monitors the weight of the product and intervences in the process if necessary.

Vorort Antriebs- und Steuerungsmodernisierung bei bestehender Schaltanlage

drive and control modernization for a existing switchgear