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Especially for industrial businesses of any branch we offer our services. Of course we do any kind of electrical works, also sale and delivery of electronic- and automation equipment belongs to our range of services..

1. Control and automation engineering

Building of controls, cabinets, electrical assembly, PLC-programming, .....


2. Drive technology

Frequency inverter, servo inverters, positioning, multiple axis systems, AC/DC -motors, stepper motors, .....


3. Sensor technology and measurement systems

Detecting, recording, converting and analysing of signals, Quantities, qualities, dimensions, weights, ....


4. Bus- and network technology

Decentralisation with Profinet, Ethernet, linking of control systems and drive inverters ....


5. Operating and monitoring, visualisations

Your machines and plants under control, simplify operation


6. Process control and operating data

Collecting, analysing and archiving of process data


7. Machine overhauling and modernisation

Fairly priced to a higher productivity with a used machine or plant


8. Customized machines

In cooperation with various partner companies, we can offer and deliver belt scale systems, platform scales, winders, cutting devices and many more


9. Automatic production machines

9. Automatic production machines Processing, handling, stacking, packing, labelling - what ever you need, we can provide a solution


10. services for technical plants

maintenance service, substitution or reinforcing of your personnel, ....,


11. Used machines and new plants

We will supply directly or make contacts for you - on request with a control system from us



For more information, contact us by email or call us during our opening hours